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We are Tech-Ethiopia, a web design agency based out of Addis Ababa, but working with clients all over Ethiopia. We design and build professional websites for businesses and individuals as well as helping them increase their presence through SEO, digital marketing, and more. Tech-Ethiopia was created by Wondwosen Tibebu in 2016. Wondwosen has been working as a teacher in Language and computer technology to middle school students and also working in ethioaddissport.com as Web Manager and sport writer for more than 15 years. After leaving those respective career paths. Then he started a long-lasting and successful web design service.

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Our Goal

One of the goals of our web design company is to provide you with not only a professionally built website that looks great and works even better, but to be your partner for all your online needs. We are a full-service web design company, meaning we can complete all your graphic design needs, all your WordPress development needs, your business card and other print design needs, as well as SEO and digital marketing. If you need something we can’t do, we can help you find someone who can.We don’t want to just make your website and never talk to you again. We want to develop a relationship that helps grow your business.